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Arne Næss, Norwegian philosopher (1912-2009)


Arne Næss is known as the father of Deep Ecology, Gestaltontology and Ecosophy (or Økosofi).

Central themes in his work includes the idea that we need to transform our values and our perspective on life if we wish to solve the ongoing climate crisis. It is not enough to produce solutions. It is necessary to take a deep perspective. If we cultivate our empathy towards all things we will automatically change our behaviour patterns.

In 2015 Uhlbors began a series of works on the philosophy of Arne Næss together with other artists. To date this series includes theatre productions, exhibitions, documentary films, guided tours, art installations, expeditions and site-specific manifestations of examples of a Deep Ecological lifestyle.

Please follow the links numbered 2-8 above for more information on the different parts that make up this series.


Background Arturo Tovar

Trailer Arne Næss Gjenoppstandelsen; Ludvig Uhlbors, Arturo Tovar, Kjersti Aas Stenby, Film Arturo Tovar

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