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A walk across Norway. It was made in protest against the planned mining operation in Engebøfjellet at Fördrefjorden outside Vevring. The walk spanned over 453 km and lasted for nine days. Sleeping under open sky. Living off the land. The performance was filmed and edited every day. The films were published daily in social media so that the audience could follow the project as it developed.

A small plant was carried from the mountain to Oslo. The idea was to deliever it into the care of the Climate- and Environment Minister Sveinung Rotevatn at Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament. He choose not to appear for the ceremony so the sapling, a small  birch, was planted in front of the parliament instead.

Written, narrated and performed by Ludvig Uhlbors, Co-directed by Ludvig Uhlbors and Kjersti Vetterstad, image editing, camera work and sounddesign by Kjersti Vetterstad, "Bjelleslåtten", licensed music by Lars Sjervheim, Audio-post production by Markus Thorsen and Kjersti Vetterstad, Visual design by Hanna Sjöstrand and Kjersti Vetterstad, text proofing by Giles Eldridge, produced by Ludvig Uhlbors and BIT-Teatergarasjen, supported by Kulturrådet in Norway.

Performed between 13/08 2020 -21/08 2020

Background Vegard Aarseth

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