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SPOR stems from a series of expeditions to Trillemarka. This unspoilt Norwegian nature reserve is a forest with very few traces of human activity. It is a place where trees are left to fall, rot and give new life in their own pace. The changes in weather and activities of animals and plants are left to proceed undisturbed as a low intensive, insisting, language.

The artistic team has slept under open sky, eaten that which can be found and kept watch during the night.

Premier 17. april 2021 kl 19:00

Performance 18. april 2021 kl 19:00


Tickets and information:
Studio USF, BIT-Teatergarasjen, Bergen

Made and performed by
Loan Ha and Ida Gudbransen, stand in for Gudbrandsen: Katja Henriksen Schia
Set design & costume
Ram Hari Dhakal
Sound design
Nils Wingerei

Light design
Phillip Isaksen

Ludvig Uhlbors


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