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Two dancers and one artist have studied MMA fighting. Focus lies on that which happens when consciousness is lost. This is a space between the logics of poetry and function as well as those of beauty and cruelty.


The performance takes its material from movements displayed by the legendary fighter Ronda Rousey and her opponents.

Rousey was an exceptionally successfull fighter. Her career ran across a series of very short fights during which she often annihilated her opponents in less than a minute. Rouseys fight against Cat Zingano brought her a world record: "The shortest fight in the history of MMA". It lasted 14 seconds.

Directing Ludvig Uhlbors

Made and performed by Loan Ha, Sigrid Vesaas,  Hanna Sjöstrand

Set design and costume Carl Nilssen-Love

Sound design Nils Wingerei

Light design Randiane Sandboe

Co produced with BIT-Teatergarajsen

Premier USF, Bergen, 13th april 2021

Logo BIT.jpg

Background Nikolai Grasaasen

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