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Photo Ludvig Uhlbors

Martin wakes up after 9/11 and finds that he is no longer a person. He is a sociological function, a surface entirely composed of languages and signs. Heeding the advice of philosopher Gilles Deleuze Martin attempts to embrace his new schizofrenic condition, but it is frightening and potentially violent.

As Martin disintegrates before the audience into ethnical, cultural, ideological and psychoanalytical apparatuses other agents of philosophy begin to penetrate him. Slavoj Zizek appears, together with Jaques Lacan. They are joined by Friedrich Nietzsche, Julia Kristeva, Otto Weinegger and Judith Butler. These intellectuals take Martin on a journey which exposes him to those legions of nameless desires which has all come together to create his very idea of being himself.

Facing the impact of this experience Martin decides to dissolve entirely into the theatre space. Such an act of release necessitates his formal execution by the rampant robots of radicality. In submitting to their treatment he also brings his audience into his trauma in a very direct and physical way. Left without a guide they must now embark on a new journey of verbal desires and physical risk, lost in an alien social arena at the end of modernity. It seems that their best hope lies in the embrace of discomfort, the eroticization of sociophobia and a willing submission to the dark side of schizoanalysis.


At Teater Terrier

By Ludvig Uhlbors

Director Anders Carlsson

On stage Anders Carlsson, Åsa Widén, Dennis Sandin, Erik Olsson

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